July 2018

Wally was found as a stray in northern Pennsylvania and secured by a local small rescue. Nobody came to claim during the hold time, and the rescue reached out to us. We placed Wally in a foster home in PA. Wally was a very friendly, easy-going dog, great with humans (adults and kids), dogs, and cats. He wasn't potty trained or neutered. After the neuter, his foster worked on potty training. In August, he found his forever home in Maryland where he lives with his mama, a senior corgi sister, and a cat. He enjoys doing zoomies in the house. 



May 2018

Penny was an owner surrender due to the clash between Corgi and toddler. She arrived as a very scared, hand shy, almost three year old girl. Hands terrified her. So, when they got close, she bit them. She was in a decompression foster for almost five weeks where she learned that she could exist and not have to be afraid. Then, she moved to a rehabilitation foster, who slowly gained Penny’s trust. After ten weeks of slowing building trust and learning that hands won’t hurt you, Penny gained the confidence she needed to move onto her forever home where her new family will continue to work on her trust issues. It wasn’t easy for Penny, but she did it. Her future has definitely been rewritten.


Lilly (now Piper) and Phryne

February 2018

Lilly  and Phryne lived the first 5 years of their lives in a cage, used to produce litter after litter by an inhumane Amish breeder in rural Pennsylvania. Their last litters were stillborn and in February, 2018, the breeder agreed to surrender them to ECCR. They then changed their mind and decided to "get one last litter out of them." This is the moment in time where ECCR blew up from a small, one-woman rescue to a force to be reckoned with. Upon learning this, several hundred people stepped forward to become volunteers. One woman reached out to the breeder and offered money in exchange for Lilly and Phryne.  He accepted the offer and we sprang into action- rushing to get them to safety.  They were fixed and vetted and promised that they would never again sleep in a cage. It didn't take them long to learn to enjoy the finer things in life like belly rubs, sleeping on the sofa, and treats. The woman who negotiated for their release adopted Lilly, who became Piper. Phryne went to a wonderful family who had been waiting to add the right corgi to their home. They both enjoy living cage-free, exploring their homes and yards and declaring possession of their respective kingdoms.


Peggy Grace

February 2018

Peggy came from an SPCA in the coal regions of Pennsylvania. Her human had to enter a nursing home, so Peggy found herself homeless and placed in the shelter. When our volunteer arrived, she found a very timid, almost hairless sad sack. Peggy had been ridden with fleas for a very long time, clearly overweight, and needed a bath. The new foster took Peggy home, bathed her, got her to the vet, began to work on her horrific skin problem and went on daily walks in the sunshine. . As the days went on, and the itching settled down, the real Peggy showed up... the foster started calling her Gracie, after the wife of George Burns. She was a silly, happy, fun loving dog under all the slimy coconut oil. She was thriving and lovin’ life. In ten short days, she went on to her forever family as a new diva dog, and they continue to work on her skin problems. She has blossomed and is now queen of her castle, just as she deserves.



July 2018

Ernie’s owner contacted us and filled out the paperwork to surrender. On her way to meet the foster she stopped communicating. We knew that it must be tough for her to give up her dog and were concerned. A couple months later we thankfully did hear from her again and her boyfriend met us to surrender Ernie. It was really hard for them but we assured them Ernie was going to be loved and cherished. And he IS! His forever mama and sister Sophie (also a tri-color!) are getting along wonderfully and their mama spoils them rotten on occasion. Okay, every day!



January 2018

Four year old Rocky was used as a "backyard breeder" stud dog in Joplin, Kansas until he was no longer needed. We located a Foster Mama in Arkansas who had Rocky vetted, neutered and groomed. He was transported safely all the way to Washington, DC  where Rocky lived in our nation's capital for several weeks with his Foster Dads and his Foster Sister. He didn't have to wait too long for his lucky day, though. The perfect family stepped up- a librarian from Virginia who wanted a companion to take to work with her was the perfect new Mom for Rocky. She's taken him through training and he is now a certified therapy dog!

Chester 1.JPG


April 2018

Chester was purchased from an Amish puppy mill by his original owners and developed some aggressive tendencies towards his dad. After attempting to resolve the issues, Chester’s owners felt it best to rehome him with a rescue, hoping another family could resolve his issues more easily. Chester was one of our more challenging dogs. ECCR consulted with several trainers. We were told Chester was considered too much of a risk to be adopted and believed this was more of a biological or neurological issue than a behavioural or environmental one. As a last resort, with a heavy heart, ECCR contacted a sanctuary that takes Corgis that are considered unadoptable and live in a big pack. We now see occasional updates on how he is doing in their updates. We really appreciate everyone who helped Chester in his transport, foster, and training.



June 2018

Smoki joined the ECCR family on June 26, 2018. His prior family couldn’t take care of him after having him for a few weeks. The family had another puppy and this adorable dog wasn’t getting any well-deserved love. This was Smoki's (at least) third home for a short period, as he was going from house to house. But this less than ideal situation hasn’t affected the little cutie as he is as sweet and loving as one can be. Smoki came with no vet records, so ECCR had to make sure that he was brought up-to-date on shots and, most importantly, neutered. Smokifit immediately into his foster home. He and his corgi sisfur played well from basically day one and now after only 4-5 short weeks they seem inseparable. Smoki would drink out of his sisfur’s water bowl, eat next to her as she was eating, and she didn’t mind or pay notice to him. Every corgi and dog owner knows this is very unusual, especially given the fact that both are rescues and did not grow up together. Smokiloves human attention and pets, but also doesn’t shy away from playing with toys. He loves to tug and fetch. On command he lets go of his toy and patiently brings it back from more play time. He is also willing to share his toy/possessions and hasn’t shown any bad behavior about protecting what he thinks is “his”. When around other dogs he likes to wrestle and be the goof that he is.  His new owners are so lucky to have another snuggle buddy and lifelong companion. Falling in love with Smoki is an instant affair and even his above mentioned sisfur, who was pretty much used to being a single child, has come around and embraced having this sweet boy as her younger sibling.

Petrina 1.JPG


August 2018

The Henry County Animal Shelter outside Atlanta holds a special place in our heart. We have a nice history with them and despite the distance, when we see corgis or corgi mixes there, we commit to getting them out if they have no other more local options. We saw 10-year-old Petrina and it was urgent she get out of the shelter for a host of historical reasons but essentially the need was to keep her out of danger where she would end up back with her owners who were extremely neglectful. We located an amazing woman from our Facebook page who offered to spring Petrina and foster her. Then some awesome things happened. About 10 of our amazing followers and fans agreed to help transport her north to DC. We were thrilled and we love you all for this amazing show of generosity and caring! Two nights before the foster contacted us to say that something shocked them all – her husband was almost in tears at the idea of giving Petrina up. He had said “no more dogs” after being so sad for losing their last dog, but Petrina crawled into his heart, and the foster became what we so gleefully call a FOSTER FAIL.



April 2018

Blake was posted on Facebook as urgent, with minutes to spare before his time was up and he would be euthanized. Despite the fact that he wasn’t a corgi, we couldn’t resist that face or his plight and we tagged him for rescue. We were able to get him transported to DC after a few weeks in foster. Blake was a bit of an escape artist, and it pains him to be contained. He was constantly looking for a way out of wherever he was, but he met his match in his new Mama. After he climbed and escaped her 6-foot fence, she increased security around her perimeter. Blake escapes no more, though as time passes we hope that the urge to be wild and free goes away as he realizes just how loved he is by his new mama.



April 2018

Winston's owner went to rehab and Winston went to stay with someone else. That person's dog did not get along with Winston and he was surrendered to us when the owner's family said they did not want him. Winston is a gorgeous golden/corgi mix. While he was with his foster home, he had a broken and painful nail and he bit his foster mama. Winston could only go to a very experienced dog home and despite our best efforts to find a home, many of our followers were not willing to take him on. One of our board members was going to transport him to a sanctuary where he could be rehabbed or live out the rest of his days among other corgis and mixes, but the board member fell in love. And that is how Winston found his forever home!



April 2018

Randall is a 16-year-old senior Corgi mix who came to us as an owner surrender. They decided to let him go because he was no longer active and irritated by young children. He was a little wobbly, especially getting up and down. We have a wonderful foster, a retired couple, who was happy to provide a hospice care for him. Randall is a sweet, laid-back, old man who wanted just wanted a quiet, peaceful, love-filled retirement life. He was very skinny when he came to us, but thanks to the dedicated care the foster provided, he gained almost 5lb. You can’t see his ribs or backbone any longer. His hair has grown back, and the Corgi coloring is clearly present. Randall’s time is spent doing whatever he wants to do and that is usually sleeping and eating. He and his foster dad are best buddies and love to play together. The fosters are sure that the improvements he made are promising that Randall would stay with them for much longer time than the first impression he gave them. They are enjoying the retirement life together. 


Flower (Now Missy)

January 2018

Flower came into ECCR in January, 2018 when we were contacted by a good samaritan who saw her at a shelter in Virginia. She had been abandoned at the entrance to a campground, and it was obvious that despite her 9 years, she had somewhat recently had a litter. We got her fixed and vetted and adopted her to a wonderful family who spoils her rotten.


Orphan Puppies

March 2018

ECCR got word about 5 puppies living with a man in a very rural part of the south. He had a litter of 4 week pups and the mama had been hit by a car and killed. He surrendered 4 of the 5 puppies to us and one of our amazing fosters agreed to pick up the puppies and also nurse them through 6 weeks until they were ready to go. The foster kept one pup and the other three went to families who learned real quick what it was like to have an adorable but mischievous little corgi running the house.



July 2018

Cooper was rescued from a meth house in PA along with Maple and Lemmy. All three were left outside on a really hot day when a family member visited the owner who was a frequent drug user. With the person’s permission, the family member surrendered three Corgis to the local SPCA. They immediately contacted us requesting transfer as they knew us from the rescue of Peggy Grace before. Our board member in PA jumped in the car and picked them up. Within a few hours, thanks to our fantastic volunteers, we were able to make the transport from PA to an overnight foster in MD happen. Given the situation they were in, we arranged them to have a vet check-up the next day. Cooper is an approximately 5-year-old that was grossly overweight. All three of them were overweight, but Cooper was the biggest of all. He weighted around 60 lb when his ideal weight judging from his size was 30-35 lb. The poor boy was never brushed either. He had a thick coat that left significant amount of fur left wherever he went. After the initial vet visit, we discussed with the vet and created a weight-loss plan and assigned a foster where he was to stay for a long time to get back to health. Then something tragic happened. During the transport to the foster in the car, his body gave up on him. The driver noticed the labored breathing and bleeding then immediately took detour to the ER where he was given the CPR, but Cooper did not make it and crossed the bridge. According to the ER doctor, Cooper’s body was on the edge all over, but his heart could not take it anymore. His gross obesity, thick coat, consecutive extremely hot days where he was left outside, and stress of being displaced all contributed to the sad ending. Our hearts were broken for his passing, and the Team ECCR promised to take great care of Lemmy and Maple in honor of their brother Cooper who earned wings.

Axle 1.jpg


August 2018

Axle was surrendered to a rural shelter in Virginia at 12 & ½ years old. He was another dog who needed to be an only-dog, and we located a great home that was willing to take him as a hospice case. With assistance from our grant from the Grey Muzzle Organization, ECCR continues to pay for any and all care Axle will need. His mama cooks him bone broth soups and other delicious dog-friendly treats so that he can eat, as he is not able to chew the hard kibble. He’s a nice guy with the occasional urge to harass the resident cat, but the cat took care of setting boundaries and now Mr. Axle just minds his own business again.



June 2017

Piper was from yet another Craigslist post in June, 2017. This poster was tough to pin down as they didn’t want to hold her for long. The story was that she belonged to an elderly woman who died and the person re-homing the dog was the woman’s nurse. They didn’t want to take Piper to a shelter so they tried the Craigslist route. Every single tooth in Piper’s mouth was rotten and all had to be removed. Piper hid behind our couch for several months. Despite the fact that she was 8 years old, she clearly had just had a litter which is pretty outrageous. After several months of watching this poor girl struggle, going under anesthesia for the full mouth of teeth removal, the spay, the recurrent urinary tract infections, incontinence, she finally started to come out from hiding. It has been a long road with Piper, and still working on that road every day, but she seems to derive happiness from the Mr. of the household. After understanding how unstable her life has been, she’s another lifer at Melissa's house.


Celine (Now Charlie)

September 2017

Celine came into ECCR in September, 2017, when another rescue organization saw her at the DC Animal Shelter. She had been surrendered because her owner could no longer care for her. Celine was 13 years old and did not understand why she ended up in a shelter. We pulled her out and a wonderful foster stepped up to take care of her and ensure her last days on this earth were happy ones. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge in March, 2018.



May 2018

Maddie was a 6-year-old small Corgi mix came all the way from Texas. She was an owner surrender from the truck driver who transported Blake from TX, who was rescued from a shelter. The driver originally rescued her from a local shelter, and he found a family for her in the neighborhood. Then an accident happened that she was returned to him. With his frequent long-distance travel schedule, he couldn’t provide the best care, so he wanted to find her a new home where she would get all the attention she needs. At the beginning of the foster care, Maddie did not like men and being picked up. She yelps when hands reach out to her and yelps or screams as if someone is hurting her. When picked up, her body got really stiff. In fact, “the accident” that made the previous family return was that she nipped when a relative picked her up without warning. But she loves sitting next to her humans.  So the foster took time to let her warm up to them and worked on building trust that nobody would hurt her. She was house-trained and loves head scratches and walking. She is an absolutely perfect on leash walk! She found a forever home in Virginia where she lives with her new mom and a fur-sister.


Stanley & Ollie

November 2016 & April  2017

Stanley and Ollie came into East Coast Corgi Rescue's care in November 2016 and April 2017, respectively. Stanley was not even a year when he came into the rescue and Ollie was a 14 week puppy. Ollie was surrendered for nipping (a common trait among herding puppies) and Stanley because his owner got a new job and could no longer care for him. We thought our eyes were deceiving us when we were looking over Ollie's intake paperwork and learned that she and Stanley were sister and brother! Born one year apart to the same Amish breeder, Stanley and Ollie did not come from a responsible breeder. Both tested at risk for DM. But, they were later adopted together by a corgi-loving family in Maryland. They won't spend another day apart.



March 2017

Annie was just about six years old when she was posted on Craigslist in March, 2017. A woman told us that Annie was her Aunt’s dog, her Aunt had a stroke and she could no longer care for her. She agreed to meet half way between DC and Eastern Tennessee and exchange Annie for money. In a random fluke, we saw a Petfinder advertisement after we got home. It had Annie’s face in it, and a line about the Nashville Humane Society. We called Nashville and learned that Annie was never the dog of this woman’s Aunt. The woman adopted her on free-senior-day and then “flipped” her to us. At Annie’s first vet visit, the vet told showed us Annie’s teeth, cut straight across the top and bottom. It was not wear, it was a deliberate cut. Annie was now ours. We just could not let her go anywhere, she was home. She has an internal clock and always lets us know when it's meal time.



April 2018

Sandy was found in a Texas shelter, marked as urgent meaning her time was short. She was scared and wouldn't respond to anyone. Once she was pulled out of the shelter and placed in a loving foster home in Texas, the history of her hard but short life became apparent. She was only about 6 months old, but when the vet went to spay her, she was already pregnant. Scars cover her face, indicating she's had a scuffle or two. But she was as sweet as could be. Sandy could not get close enough to you, often sitting right on your lap even if you were working on a computer. She was adopted by a loving family with little children who Sandy adores and who adore Sandy.


Rotty (Now Rowdy)

March 2018

Poor sweet old man Rowdy was dumped at the Roanoke, VA shelter and they immediately contacted ECCR. We had a foster/volunteer who was close and she went to pick up this poor old guy. The "friend" of the owner had surrendered him on the premise that he was sick and needed to be euthanized. The shelter asked for a small financial contribution of $25 to offset the cost they were going to incur. The man said he needed to step out to his car to get his wallet and then he took off, leaving poor Rowdy alone at the shelter. Our volunteer decided she needed to keep him to let him live out his days on her farm. ECCR started a fundraiser for this guy and raised over $1000 within a couple days, thanks to our amazingly awesome followers, to enable him to remain as a hospice case.



November 2016

Bradley was a corgi/pit listed for free on Craigslist. Free dogs are a huge problem – they can end up as bait dogs in fighting rings or in testing on animals. We asked the people posting to ask for a rehoming fee but they wouldn’t, so we decided to just go get Bradley in rural PA and find him a home. We found a lovely engaged couple in DC who wanted a playmate for their current pup and the match worked out well.


Shadow (Now Biden)

October 2016

Shadow was about 2 when he came into ECCR. And that was before there really was an ECCR. He was the first corgi Melissa rescued after she lost her beloved Sammy and Thora and thought she would never find another dog again. Enter Shadow, a corgidor in North Carolina just outside Charlotte. He looked so much like Thora that when he landed on the euth list, Melissa got in her car and drove 6 hours (one-way) to get him. Another woman on some Facebook chats was interested in him and Melissa arranged to get him started on his Heartworm Treatment to get him healthy enough to fly to Oregon - which he finally did in Nov, 2016 where he met his Forever Mama Ashley. 



March 2018

Jaeger came to us as an owner surrender. He is an Australian Cattle Dog/ Corgi Mix. The owners stated that there was a small child in the home that made Jaeger nervous, and they felt that he needed to be rehomed. He was placed in a foster home for a temperament check, and to get him current on vaccines. He was found to be a wonderful gentleman with slight separation anxiety and a dislike for riding in a car. And, like most herding dogs, is not happy with a smaller human running in the opposite direction. So, a family with older children or no children was the goal. It was quite easy to find this handsome guy a forever home. Jaeger found that wonderful forever home on the Chesapeake Bay, and is loving life.



March 2018

Roscoe is a one-eyed small Corgi mix rescued from a high-kill shelter in San Antonio, TX. He is approximately 7 years old who was found as a stray. Judging from his scars all over his face, his stray life was long. We tagged him out of euthanization list and transferred him out of Texas. He flew with one of our Board Members to DC then settled down at his foster home in MD. After resting in a quiet and safe environment, he has blossomed to be a cuddly bug! His favorite thing to do was sleeping next to his foster mama. He wasn’t a huge fan of leash-walking, but for a stray dog, he was a very chill, adoptable dog! He found his forever home in the nation’s capital. Renamed as Puck, he enjoys the walks with mama and occasional dog walker leading the pack of fellow neighbor dogs.



March 2018

Marley is a 5-year-old small Corgi Heeler mix rescued from a NC shelter where she was adopted
and returned multiple times because of her strong and typical herding dog instinct. Marley is such a
very sweet and calm dog who is a master of leash-walking. SShe had a cute corgi head and bum
with heeler physical ability. Her typical heeler/herding traits were causing unfortunate
misunderstandings. Our focus was to find a family who understand and has experience with Heelers,
and we did find one for her in West Virginia! She now has a bigger Heeler sisfur and is enjoying her
family life.

Breakfast Club.jpg

The Breakfast Club

April 2018

Meet Muffin, Benedict, Flapjack and Dobby! They were surrendered to a Texas shelter by a man who could no longer care for them. These babies were well loved and cared for and very sociable, but Benedict and Dobby tested positive for Heartworms. We arranged a transport to bring these babies to Virginia & Maryland where they all went into foster homes. Muffin and Flapjack joined families that had a playmates ready and waiting. Benny went on to be an only dog in a home with 2 cats and a huge yard for him to patrol. Dobby, believed to be the father of the other three pups in this group, was a very "old soul" at just 3 years old. He enjoys his days lounging and being snuggled.



November 2016

Three year old Moxie was found from a post on Craigslist. She lived in Richmond, Virginia with a family whose son had developed serious allergies to her. She was two years old when she was adopted in Nov, 2016. She was going to be our founder's dog forever, except that she hated the children of the house.  Training for Moxie proved unsuccessful and as sad as it was, this just was not the right home for her. Fortunately, really good friends (without kids) met Moxie and fell in love. It was sad to see Moxie go, but we knew we could always see her and she was going to an amazing couple who would adore her.



June 2018

Dory (1 year) came to us as an owner surrender. Dory was purchased as a ‘friend’ to grow up with the baby in the home. It quickly became apparent that this was going to be a very overwhelming endeavor, maybe not realizing that both puppy and baby need a lot of attention and guidance. Dory, unfortunately was moved to the enclosed porch to spend most of his day, and was not house trained. He was taken care of and never mistreated by his humans. They loved him very much, and realized that they had ‘bit off more than they could chew.’ His humans came to the conclusion that Dory should find a forever family that could give him all the love and guidance he needed to become the wonderful Corgi that he was trying to accomplish by himself. This was not an easy decision for his family, but they knew it was best for Dory. They helped with the transport to get Dory to his foster family, and he very quickly found his new forever family. He has a fursister that is very close to his age, and they have become great friends.



April 2018

Chewy is a 1yo unaltered male corgi/heeler pup from Thornville, OH. His owners were moving to Colorado and couldn’t take him. So they placed an ad on Craig’s List to sell him. The ad said he “needed to be out of the home in two days by 5pm.” He was fostered for two weeks until we could make the road trip out to Philadelphia, PA to drop him off to his new “furever home." Everyone who met Chewy fell in love with him. He was sweet and quiet and loved to jump up next to you and lick your face. He is very smart and house trained.



April 2018

Cody is a 6-year-old Corgi who came to us as an owner surrender from NJ. His previous owner had a male sibling from the same litter as Cody, but they were constantly fighting. Eventually the owner was emotionally detached from Cody and decided to let him go. Once in a foster home, we learned that Cody was a gentleman and great with young children. Now he is included in all the family activities in his forever home where he fit right in as if he was destined to be there. He enjoys visiting their family member at the senior care home and accompanying their daughter’s activities.



March 2018

Bravo came to us as a surrender because his mother passed away and the rest of family could not take care of him. But the family deeply and sincerely cared about him and wanted to find the best forever family because they knew how much their mother loved Bravo. Bravo was great with kids, loved to cuddle and be a protector (yes, he does corgi bark alert) for you. He had a good start with the foster family and their resident Sheltie. Now Bravo has 2 corgi mix siblings! He is very social and friendly that he is fitting right in the new pack. He loves to cuddle with mom while she knits and runs with his dad for the local races together. Bravo’s original family kept in touch with the ECCR during the selection process and are very pleased with this placement. 



April 2018

Nacho is a 1-year-old boy who looks to be a Shepherd/Corgi mix. We rescued him from a shelter in TX in early April 2018. We were tagged in a shelter post on Facebook then successfully pulled him with help of a local volunteer and placed him in our foster care in TX. The shelter note said his past was unknown. The scared dog behind the cage turned out to be a happy, friendly boy who gets along with other dogs, cats, kids, and adults. He enjoyed his foster life in Texas for a while waiting for the health to be cleared and the transport to be set up. After he was neutered, vetted fully, he was transported by the wonderful Rescue Road Trips (nonprofit rescue dog transportation service) along with Sandy. He was picked up by his new mom in Virginia. He is enjoying his new chapter of his life with his new mom and sister Corgi River in southern Virginia. They love to wrestle and run around together and are taking agility training. His mama said he is a quick learner and continues practicing for the competitions!

Ms Marbles.png

Ms Marbles

June 2018

Ms. Marbles is a 7-year-old Corgi in VA who came to us as an owner surrender. She was very much loved at the house, but the owner needed to focus more to take care of her special need young child with tracheostomy and aging parents. Her plate was full. She felt Ms. Marbles wasn’t given full attention as she used to be before and didn’t feel it was fair situation for her. We saw how much she cared for Ms. Marbles in the surrender form. It was filled with comments and information about Ms. Marbles so we were able to find her the best home possible. It brought us tears as we read. Typical surrender forms we usually receive are almost empty as if the owner doesn’t know or care about the dog. Talking to the owner in person, we felt the deep, warm love and respect for her. Ms. Marbles was adopted 5 years ago, and her past is unknown. She was a depressed, unsocialized dog who always had her head down when she walked. She was also heartworm positive. The owner gave her a lot of love and attention and treated the heartworm. Ms. Marbles became a dog who loves to run around in the yard. We found a couple in MD who lost their senior dogs and was finally ready to welcome a new dog after taking a break for some years. Ms. Marbles adjusted to the new life really well. She now goes to work with the new mom and enjoying the attention and love from the new parents. The original owner and the new owners remain in touch. The original owner enjoys receiving updates and said that was the best choice for everyone although she misses Ms. Marbles dearly. 



July 2018

Herbert was a sweet little boy living with a loving owner who contacted us for help. With the assistance of a wonderful volunteer, we tried to help the owner with potty training and some behavioral training. Unfortunately, after several months of trying, the owner felt that Herbert would be better off coming into rescue to find a home where his humans could spend more time with him. It was the most loving of decisions that his mama could have made, and we welcomed this little bundle of love with open arms. Our Transport Coordinator rushed across Ohio to pick him up and then met his prospective parents in Pittsburgh the following weekend. His new home includes a sweet older corgi sister, a human mama and daddy who adore him and their human kids who also have a corgi. He has an acre and a half to frap and lots of love and snuggles.

Scrappy 1.jpg


July 2018

Scrappy was a 13-year-old diabetic when he was surrendered. His owner could no longer afford his expensive treatments, and was moving, and felt it was time to give Scrappy up. Scrappy was fostered locally in coastal Virginia, and then moved to Buffalo when we located an adopter who had experience with administering the insulin shots he needed twice a day. Unfortunately, Scrappy lived up to his name, and wasn’t a good fit in their home as he was terrorizing their other dogs. We weren’t sure what to do with him, and how we would find someone who had both the medical background to care for him and give him his twice-daily shots, as well as take in a 13 year old dog who couldn’t be around other animals. We put out a plea on our Facebook page, and boy did Scrappy luck out. An amazing family with two adult daughters stepped up and said they would take him. Scrappy has been given an amazing chance now where we can work to get his glucose levels right and keep him as a hospice case where we pay for his bills while his family just agrees to love him forever.



January 2018

A wonderful follower alerted us that Cali was sitting in a shelter in Roanoke. We contacted a local volunteer and fellow (donkey) rescuer who was able to pick her up immediately. Cali was pretty aggressive due to pain and a vet visit determined she had advanced stage cancer. We worked out a plan to keep her comfortable in her last days, which sadly did not last very long. Cali served as the first lesson to our rescue that often owners will give up their pets instead of having them diagnosed and treated/euthanized at the end of their lives. Cali was the first of many dogs to come to us where their prior owners either didn’t know that their suddenly aggressive behavior was due to pain and issues related to old age or they didn’t want to do the inevitable. Cali’s spirit lives on in our rescue as a symbol of how we want all senior dogs to be treated as they near the end of their lives.

Lemmy Maple.jpg

Lemmy and Maple

July 2018

Lemmy and Maple were Cooper’s siblings, living in the Pennsylvania meth house. We believe they are both in the 5-7 year old range. These two were luckier than poor sweet Cooper, in that they weren’t as overweight when they came into rescue. Both were instant hits with their foster families. Maple is the sweet tri color and Lemmy we believe to be a Pembroke/cardigan mix. Lemmy went to live with an awesome family who has a corgi sister for him to play with and a human sister. Maple went to live with a wonderful dad who had two other pups to keep her entertained.



March 2018

Lexi was found on a RescueMe.org ad, late at night. An email was immediately sent, asking her story. We were told that she was 10 yrs old, a little bit overweight and her humans were moving to an assisted living home. Arrangements were made for her pick-up that Friday. She was going to a foster that would help her lose that weight and move on to a new forever family. When our volunteers arrived, they found a grossly overweight corgi that could barely walk, hated to be picked up, and on medicine for an open wound on her rump. After two people lifted her into the volunteer’s SUV, they travelled to the foster home, only to find that this open wound was oozing, the dog struggled to make a bowel movement, and she was not housebroken. A Vet appointment was made for Monday. That weekend, Lexi enjoyed wagon rides, laying in the snow (for short periods of time), and soaking up the sunshine! The vet did a thorough exam and found that the “open wound” was from pushing so hard to defecate. As it turned out, Lexi was in end stage cancer, with a tumor the size of a hardball, right inside her rectum. This girl was in severe pain, explaining why she didn’t like to be picked up, not housebroken, and not wanting to walk very far. A decision had to be made, one that no rescue ever wants to make. Lexi would not survive any type of surgery, she was in constant pain, and was not able to pass her bowels. So, on Monday evening, after a long board discussion, Lexi crossed the bridge to be free from pain and suffering. Her ashes were spread on the mountain where she loved basking in the sunshine that final weekend here on earth. Frap happy dear Lexi!

Max 1.JPG


July 2018

Poor sweet Max. We were contacted by a fellow corgi lover we know who had been contacted by someone needing to rehome 5-year-old Max. They had picked him up from Craigslist where he was given away for free, but within the day learned he wasn’t a good fit for their home. We picked Max up and he went to live in his foster home while we got him up to date on his shots and neutered. Max’s coloring may look different to you, but he’s actually a purebred corgi – from what the original lines of corgi looked like. This poor boy bounced around quite a bit this summer from that original home that gave him away, to the home for one day, to the corgi lover who picked him up, to the first foster, to a second foster when the first went on vacation, to a potential home in September that didn’t work out since the resident dog attacked Max, back to us. That was 7 different homes he had in a few short weeks – and this poor boy was dying for a family of his own. Fortunately they were on our list and waiting, and they came to visit Max and fell in love. We learned during his foster period that he absolutely loved children, so we were able to ensure he has several little ones to run around and play with. And they are all living happily ever after.



June 2017

Three year old Bentley came into ECCR's care in June 2017 after his owner posted him on craigslist claiming she could no longer keep him. He was in rough shape and in bad need of some love and a new start. Bentley was adopted by an applicant with significant corgi experience. Bentley's new Mom works at a home for seniors and goes with her to work. A trained therapy dog now, Bentley brings joy to those around him every day. 

Washington DC United States