Founder; Washington, DC

Melissa Terzis

Melissa is a Mom, Wife and Realtor, not always in that order. Because selling houses and raising 2 little girls apparently didn't keep her busy enough (cue: sarcasm,) she started rescuing corgis. When she shows up at home with another corgi, her kids squeal with joy, cooing, "YAY Mommy how long is this one staying?" and her husband rolls his eyes and says, "Yeah, uh, how long IS this one staying?" He always comes around by morning though and says, "This is a good dog!"

ECCR began in April, 2017, after Melissa lost the two great loves of her life - Corgi Sammy and Corgidor Thora. When she rescued her first dog felt like she had betrayed Sammy and Thora. But then she realized there were so many dogs who needed help - and who needed her. And the rescue was born because of Sammy and Thora.

While Melissa is Momming or Realtoring (we know those aren't real words), the rest of the crew is saving more dogs.

Foster and Rescue Coordinator, Pennyslvania


Lisa is East Coast Corgi Rescue’s Lead Foster and Rehabilitation in Pennsylvania and the person that other fosters rely on for assistance and guidance with the corgis in their care. Lisa grew up with animals always being a huge part of her life. She spent most of her younger years living on a farm with her goats, horses, and trusty dog companion Waldi. Lisa’s father was a horse and dog trainer who taught her all she knows about Gentle Training. She currently lives on a quiet mountain in eastern Pennsylvania with her family and nine year old Biscuit. This crazy corgi keeps Lisa and the rest of the family fit and healthy with his “demands” for several daily, one mile walks.

Director of Information Technology, Baltimore, MD


Originally from Wisconsin, Peter moved to the East Coast seven years ago for work, and met his first corgi a year later, before corgis were a fad, when friends of his adopted one, and then later they adopted a second corgi.  After a week of puppysitting both dogs, including a bout of pancreatitis with one of them, he started to discover and appreciate "corgi magic" - while taking them on walks, bus drivers were pulling up to the curb and asking, "what breed are those adorable dogs?"

Later he adopted a corgi from a rescue in Rockville, and the whole family started going to corgi meetups whenever and wherever, from NJ to VA.  At one of the meetups he learned about ECCR and signed up to be a volunteer.  Because during his day job he works as a software engineer, he was asked to help find the right technology and tools that ECCR can adapt to help save more corgis!

Washington DC United States