Founder; Washington, DC

Melissa Terzis

Melissa is a Mom, Wife and Realtor, not always in that order.

ECCR began in April, 2017, after Melissa lost the two great loves of her life - Corgi Sammy and Corgidor Thora. When she rescued her first dog felt like she had betrayed Sammy and Thora. But then she realized there were so many dogs who needed help - and who needed her. And the rescue was born because of Sammy and Thora.

While Melissa is Momming or Realtoring (we know those aren't real words), the rest of the crew is saving more dogs.

For more info on ECCR, check out this video.

Foster and Rescue Coordinator, Pennyslvania


Lisa is East Coast Corgi Rescue’s Lead Foster and Rehabilitation in Pennsylvania and the person that other fosters rely on for assistance and guidance with the corgis in their care. Lisa grew up with animals always being a huge part of her life. She spent most of her younger years living on a farm with her goats, horses, and trusty dog companion Waldi. Lisa’s father was a horse and dog trainer who taught her all she knows about Gentle Training. She currently lives on a quiet mountain in eastern Pennsylvania with her family and nine year old Biscuit. This crazy corgi keeps Lisa and the rest of the family fit and healthy with his “demands” for several daily, one mile walks.

Vetting Coordinator, Maryland


Erica handles all the decisions for the medical and vetting needs of the corgis. She also manages the Senior Sanctuary Program and ensures our most elderly corgis get the care they need in their golden years!

Foster Home Coordinator, Pennyslvania


Denise manages the selection and approval of foster homes and checks all references of foster and adoption applicants. As a vet tech she is also a right hand to Erica in making vetting decisions.

Social Media Coordinator, Virginia


Taylor handles all our announcements and social media posting. She also coordinates any transportation runs where we need to move one of the stumpy dogs to a foster home or a potential forever home. She's also well versed with dog behavior and helps the foster parents navigate issues that arise with the new kids.

Washington DC United States