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Adopting an ECCR Corgi

1/15/2024: Applications are now closed for the year.

Applications were open from 10/1/23 until 1/15/24. We open about once every 12-18 months. This allows us to manage everyone's expectations and keep the application process controlled to where we can maintain contact with each application through approval and placement.


We ask that applicants only submit an application if they are ready to adopt immediately. We call many people for placements and then they are "not ready." We cannot manage a pool of applicants who are "not ready." It may take up to a year to find you the perfect corgi for your home. But when we contact you, we need you to be ready or we will remove you from the active pool.

Please read the FAQ before filling out an adoption application in the future. Also please remember we only adopt to applicants living in DC, MD, VA, PA, DE, and NJ.

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