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ECCR has more applicants than corgis. We open applications as needed - usually once a year. If you know you would like to adopt within the next year, go ahead and submit your application.

We have a set of criteria we look for in terms of past dog ownership, what you are looking for in a dog and an idea of what your home is like. If we feel that your knowledge of dogs and your home could work for the majority of dogs who come through our rescue, we move your application ahead.

Our applications are not first come, first served. We select applications based on the needs of the dog. We match a dog to an application based on the type of home the dog needs and the requirements the dog has. So, your application will stay in the pool until a match is made to your application.

About 25% of the applications we receive move to the next step which is the reference and vet check. If your veterinarian cannot state that you visit annually, and stay up to date on vaccines, Heartworm and Flea/Tick Prevention, your application will not be approved.

If your vet check is good, you move into our pool. Between the step where you go into the queue to be vet checked and when you are approved, you will hear from us, via email.

Once we have a possible match for you, we will reach out to tell you about the dog and see what you think. If you want to proceed, we do a meet and greet, depending on location. If you happen to be close to the foster home, you can meet locally. If it is a distance to drive, we arrange that as well.

Once the meet and greet happens, if you want to take the dog home for a trial period you will be able to do so for a week. We're always here to answer any questions and will be in constant communication throughout the week.

When the week is over (or before if you know for sure) you let us know if the dog is in his/her new home! We finalize everything electronically from that point - payment of adoption fee and signature of the agreement.

We provide continued and ongoing support in many ways, including a Facebook Group for you to share your ECCR Graduate's photos.

Check the Adoption Menu for Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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