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When we do a vet check on our fosters or applicants to adopt, we require that they show proof of heartworm preventative. The heartworm test is a blood test that is done yearly at the vet. This is a test that all vets suggest and require as part of an annual exam. Heartworms are passed to dogs by mosquitos and this can happen any time of the year. So, just because a dog tests negative, doesn’t mean they can’t get them the next day, week, or month.

When a dog is infected with Heartworms, they live in the dog’s heart and they breed and multiply. They continue to grow and spread in the heart. This is a very horrible, painful, and slow death for a dog. The dog basically ends up suffocating to death because the heartworms squeeze the heart so much that they cannot get enough oxygen. If caught early enough, there is treatment for it, but it’s very, very expensive and a long treatment process, and very tough on the dog. This is why a dog being on a month heartworm prevention medication all year round is so crucial and important for the health and well being of the dog.

Heartworm disease is a 100% preventable disease and it’s something that is seen in the entire region that we cover. Almost all vets will recommend the heartworm test once a year and then prescribe a year’s worth of heartworm prevention medication if the dog tests negative (you can only obtain the medication through a vet).

  • If you declined the medicine because of cost, we will not adopt a dog to you or approve you to foster.

  • If you "got it from a friend" we will not adopt a dog to you or approve you to foster.

  • If you "bought it online without a prescription" we will not adopt a dog to you or approve you to foster.

Your vet check MUST include a confirmation that you demonstrate a history of administering heartworm medicines. It's not enough that you will do it going forward. You must have already done the right thing for your pets.

Heartworms are 100% preventable and it is your responsibility as a pet owner to protect your pet with this monthly dose of medicine.

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