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Please begin the process by filling out a surrender request. You can find this on the menu on our website, "Surrender a corgi."

This form will come to all board members. We review and then determine if we can help the dog. We base the decision on many factors to include our resources, how experienced our current pool of foster homes is, what the specific issues are which need to be addressed, and if our current applicant pool offers enough options for us to find a home for the corgi.

In the early years of the rescue, many of our applicants were experienced with corgwyn and herding breeds. But as corgis have grown in popularity on social media, many more people have become interested. Often they don't have the right expectations for this breed and we take this into consideration as well.

If we determine we can assist, then we contact you to let you know we can take the pup in to the rescue. We will provide you an electronic form where you sign over the legal rights to us. At this point the corgi is legally the possession of East Coast Corgi Rescue. We coordinate a transportation route and the dog travels to a foster home where we evaluate behavior and get vetting up to date.


Once the corgi is through the vetting and the foster has a good read on the behavior and profile for the best home, we handpick the adopter, from a pool of approved applicants.

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