Since people have been called back to work, we have received 2-3 surrender requests a day. We cannot keep up with the volume of people who want to surrender their dogs.

When Covid hit in March, 2020, many people who were now home all day decided to adopt a dog. Shelters were empty. Many backyard/Amish breeders ramped up their horrible breeding practices. And many people bought corgis with aggressive personalities.

We all cringed in rescue as the news media said how wonderful it was that the shelters were empty. Because we knew that most of those dogs would be returned once people went back to work or realized they adopted a poorly bred corgi. The empty shelters and that "Covid Puppy of 2020" has now turned into a tragedy.

All rescues and shelters are currently over capacity, to include us. We have been over capacity for many months and have a waiting list for intakes. Many shelters are euthanizing owner surrenders on the spot because they are so full.

As much as we want to save every corgi, we unfortunately have to cease surrenders until we catch up. Our foster homes need a break.

Expected date we can take in surrenders again is approximately Sept 1, 2021.